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TD3 Depowder Recycling System


TD3 Depowder Recycling System has a high efficiency, sealed, low noise, easier to operate and clean,
and with the use of pneumatic blowing means, let the use experience to be more handy!

Powder base 3D printer, through the layers of powder spreading, print a full-color three-dimensional work.
After printing, can be used with the powder removal machine.

The purpose of powder removal is to keep clean and to ensure the effectiveness of post-treatment.
After printing, using brush to removal extra powder around the product, or put in the powder removal
machine, let the pneumatic detailing to do the job. It performs a faster and more efficient
completion of the finished product!


High Efficiency Powder Removal

The High speed removal are designed hands free, provided high efficiency finished product.

Inclosed powder recycle system

Small does not occupy space, easy to use recovery systems that confined space, the excess
plaster composite powder blowing and recovery, does not cause any trouble clearing the workspace,
and environmentally friendly reusable. Plaster composite powder. LED lights and halogen containing
heating, produce the fast harden and perfect product.

Pneumatic Detail Powder Removal

Pneumatic device can perform a details and perfect product to be presented after printing.


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